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Introducing the Mantis bag,

designed by Maitrepierre, worn by Nathy Peluso.

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New collection

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An iconic artist in iconic garments.

Campaign launch event. Madrid, sept. 2022

Nathy Peluso and Desigual clothes

The Argentinian-Spanish singer and composer Nathy Peluso is the new face of Desigual, starring in a campaign where both the brand and the artist strip down to the bare essentials. Nathy reveals some skin, while Desigual gets rid of colour. This partnership is a way for us to celebrate and showcase the basics, what has honestly gotten us to where we are today and has made us who we are, what we want to be: the strength, pride, passion, confidence, and optimism we display defines us.
The New Collection includes more avant-garde, bold proposals while still staying true to our unique DNA. These are pieces that the artist could wear on her concert tour, during her multiple performances or her album presentations and still be herself, projecting a strong and powerful image that will never go out of style.
Ultimately, both Nathy Peluso and our brand have always stayed true to ourselves. We are who we are, with no apologies and without asking permission from anyone.