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Long dresses for women

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70 results

Long dresses for women

70 results

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Desigual stands out for its variety of long dresses for women that are perfect for all occasions you can imagine, both at night and during the day. Party dresses, casual, to wear to work, to enjoy weekend plans or special events such as a wedding, a graduation or a ball.

Long and midi-cut dresses are perfect for both the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons. You can choose between more elegant options with lace, mermaid neckline and open back, and other more informal, simple and youthful ones with flowery prints that can accompany you even to the beach. This season we continue our focus on colour, and beyond the long black and white dresses, classic colours par excellence, you can also find them in blue, red, pink, green or burgundy. The combination of many of these is typical of our brand, as well as the mixture of prints and fabrics such as wool, cotton or viscose. You can also find a wide selection of maxi dresses made from sustainable materials.