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Women's Party Dresses

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8 results

Women's Party Dresses

8 results

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If anything sets Desigual apart, it’s the wide variety of women’s party dresses, perfect for any special occasion where they may be required. From dresses for more casual cocktail-type events, to more important ones such as weddings, graduations or a galas. Whatever dress you are looking for you can find it at Desigual, as you can find short, long, elegant and comfortable and youthful dresses, with transparencies, prints and more.

Party dresses are a woman’s private collection.  That precious garment we store away knowing that it’s always good to have on hand, for impromptu evenings or unexpected events. So it’s a good idea to have them in your wardrobe. Especially when we find the one that fits like a glove, brings out the best and makes us look great.   

Long or midi-cut, lace and fitted party dresses are your key to success at any evening event all year round. Choose one with a neckline that flatters you, and if you want to add a sexy touch, go for an open back. They are ideal for occasions with a somewhat more formal dress code, such as evening events and celebrations.

On the other hand, you will find short party dresses ideal for daytime events, although they can also be worn at night. You can choose from different types of sleeves—short, long, strappy—and a wide range of colours such as blue, red, pink, white and green. They also come in the most flattering cuts, like the youthful skater dress, the crossover dress, the lingerie dress, the shirt dress, and the feminine and elegant off-the-shoulder and halter dresses.

Of course, the Little Black Dress (LBD) is also part of the collection. One of fashion’s most timeless garments, and always right for any situation. It can be found in every wardrobe, even being described by André Leon Talley as ‘the zenith of elegance in any woman’s wardrobe’. We explore this versatile garment by bringing in new concepts, playing with volume, using details in the finishes and mixing fabrics with a strong Desigual character to give the piece its unique edge.  

In our collections of women’s party dresses you can choose between different finishes. Sequined dresses are a classic that never go out of style, and if you’re looking for a dress with a similar effect, we also have sparkly dresses that will have you looking stunning all night long. You can also choose from draped and satin finishes in all shapes and colours. And the trendiest metallic effects. 

Pair them with formal footwear (like sandals and heels) for special occasions, especially with long dresses. Outfits deserving of accessories to match the occasion and the look. Your choice will depend on the dress’ style, print and colours, and you can choose from clutch bags, mini-bags and baguettes, and from among all the other accessories in the Desigual collections. 

There’s no party you can’t attend with this wide selection of special occasion dresses, and you’ll find them all in stores and online.

For more informal occasions, with dresses from the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections, you can always find the perfect option to create a fitting yet original outfit that will allow you to bring a touch of style to your party or celebration. Both in women’s short dresses, as well as long dresses and long-sleeve dresses. Purchasing one allows you to go beyond a celebration or event: dresses are the quintessential women’s high-performance garment.