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Women's Mini dresses

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34 results

Women's Mini dresses

34 results

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With Desigual’s selection of women’s short dresses you can choose from a wide variety of attractive, feminine and stylish options. It could be said that there is no plan for which you can't find the perfect short dress to suit your taste and impress. 

The collection consists of short party dresses with a variety of necklines, such as a strapless or V-neckline with thin straps, and different fabrics such as satin or cotton. The slim-fit silhouette of these women’s short dresses will add a sensual touch to your look as they are designed to hug your body perfectly. Cocktail dresses have a lighter feel and looser fits that fall somewhere between short day dresses and short evening dresses, and a palette of lighter colours and natural prints such as flowers. These women’s short dresses are also suitable to wear to special events such as a wedding, graduation or gala. Short lingerie-style dresses mark the difference by featuring refined details such as lace at the neckline, sleeves and hemline, or by being made of softer and more delicate materials. Short knit dresses continue with the sensuality trend, but allow you to have a more casual and relaxed style. They are somewhere between casual and formal, depending on the shoes you pair them with or the accessories you choose to finish the look. If you opt to combine these short dresses with high heels, ankle boots or high boots, you’ll give your look a more sophisticated touch. If you opt for a pair of comfortable trainers, you’ll give your outfit a more casual or everyday look. Another option for everyday wear or for going to work without having to wear a super elegant short dress, are short casual dresses or short shirt dresses. Both types of dresses are also perfect for plans with friends or for a weekend getaway with your partner. 

Short beach dresses feature more eye-catching prints and are designed in vibrant colours such as blue, red, pink, yellow and coral. However, black and white are still popular and are once again at the top of the ranking of favourite colours for these types of short dresses.

Although short dresses with thin straps or wide straps are predominant, you can also find other options in the collection such as women’s short-sleeved dresses and women’s long-sleeved dresses, to show off your legs and put them in the spotlight. And of course, we can't forget the selection of women’s long dresses that you can wear all year round, whether it's spring/summer or autumn/winter. We look forward to seeing you at our physical stores or at