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Shoulder Bags

When we talk about the essential accessory in every woman's closet, we are undoubtedly referring to the shoulder bag. Although, obviously, wide or narrow handle bags are used to store your belongings, such as your wallet or purse, cell phone or keys, its use goes beyond and is an essential part of all your looks. Both those shoulder bags more casual to go to work, and other larger ones perfect for traveling or weekend getaways. Black is the star color of this accessory, but at Desigual you can choose from a wide variety of colors and prints.

They are ideal for the day, and in their small version they are very practical for your evening plans where you can adapt them and turn them into handbags. In our collection you have at your disposal a wide selection of shoulder bags in different fabrics, such as synthetic leather, canvas, nylon or denim. Once you try them you won't want to part with them.