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Sustainable Men's Clothing

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Sustainable Men's Clothing


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Sustainable and eco-friendly men's clothing should play a significant role in our wardrobes, as it's more than just a passing trend – it's the path we must follow. It's well-known that the fashion industry contributes to pollution, which is why sustainable men's clothing should gain importance over non-sustainable options, transitioning from fast fashion to slow fashion.

"Love the World" is the platform that Desigual has been promoting for years to become a brand that improves every day and advances with greater awareness. Under this platform, all sustainability programs and initiatives are gathered with the goal of reducing the environmental impact we cause, aiming for a positive footprint.

Eco-friendly men's clothing is present in all of Desigual's collections, both in spring/summer and fall/winter. The quantity of sustainable materials and fibers increases every year, as the foundation of sustainable and eco-friendly men's fashion lies there. The origin of materials, the way they're processed and supplied, directly impacts our environment.

At Desigual, you can buy sustainable men's clothing both in physical stores and online. We offer sustainable cotton men's shirts from initiatives like the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), eco-friendly men's t-shirts and polos in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and prints. Our men's coats and jackets are made from pleasant padded fabrics using sustainable fibers like recycled polyester, available in both short and long versions. Within the catalog of eco-friendly men's clothing, you'll also find other garments with sustainable fabrics, such as men's jeans and pants, men's hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts, and even men's footwear, where materials like recycled soles are used.

Considering sustainable clothing as a successful gifting option? Desigual offers a special selection of sustainable and eco-friendly men's clothing, providing you with numerous choices. You can also opt for a gift card if you prefer the recipient to make the choice. All these options are designed for a guaranteed successful gift.

Sustainable fashion is here to stay, and there's no turning back. Sustainability is considered a fundamental pillar of Desigual. Year after year, we're moving towards a sustainable future, and thanks to the commitment of all involved departments and external partners, we've made significant progress in recent years. This progress will not decline; on the contrary, there will be even greater emphasis on such initiatives to live on a better planet, one we can continue to enjoy.