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Women’s socks

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Women’s socks


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Women's socks have evolved from being a functional and invisible accessory to becoming a highly visible part of your outfits, setting trends and styles. This seemingly discreet garment can make the difference between a dull day and one filled with energy and comfort.

At Desigual, you'll find a wide range of women's socks in different sizes, fabrics, colors, and patterns. Choosing the ones that best suit your needs will be a breeze. Cotton socks are perfect for daily wear, providing unmatched softness and comfort. The most stylish and cool models of polka dot-patterned socks are designed to be shown off and paired with your open-toed shoes and sandals. You'll find them in different sizes, including knee-high stockings. You can also opt for short ankle socks or no-show socks if you prefer them to remain hidden. If you enjoy sports, whether at the gym or outdoors, you'll also find classic and durable white cotton knee-high socks, as well as other materials like ribbed fabric. The kings of winter are wool socks, warm, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch, with the most special ones featuring Christmas patterns.

As we mentioned earlier, besides their functionality, socks can also be a fashionable piece to consider. With vibrant, eye-catching, and colorful patterns and designs. Whether you're looking for a formal or casual style, Desigual offers women's socks that will meet all your expectations and needs. Finding the perfect pair of socks may sometimes seem like a challenge, but at Desigual, you'll have an easy time because our women's socks are comfortable, durable, and fit well both on the foot and ankle. Moreover, they are made from quality materials that are soft to the touch, allowing your feet to breathe without causing irritation.

In recent years, women's socks have become a popular gift option for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, graduations, or communions. At Desigual, you can find the perfect pair for the upcoming gift-giving occasion. Many of the designers we collaborate with create their own collection of women's socks, making them a perfect gift to impress. These designers include names like María Escoté, M. Christian Lacroix, Alphonse Maitrepierre, and Stella Jean, among others. Other popular women's socks include licensed designs featuring characters like Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, Smiley, or Bugs Bunny. But if gifting socks doesn't fully convince you, we also recommend other women's accessories and complements. These might include women's ponchos and capes or a very special gift: exclusive women's jewellery. And if you're not quite sure about choosing a specific garment or accessory, remember you can always opt for a gift card.