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Women’s socks


Women's socks are an accessory that has gone from being invisible and functional to being a very visible part of your looks, setting style and trend. At Desigual you will find a wide range of models in different sizes, fabrics, colours and prints. Choosing the one that best suits your needs will be very easy. The most beautiful and cool models of socks with polka dot prints are designed to show off and you can combine them with your shoes and open sandals. You will find them in different sizes, including knee-length stockings.

You can also opt for short ankle socks or pinkies if you don’t want them to be visible. If you like to play sports you will also find the classic white high socks made of cotton or other fabrics such as ribbed. The kings of winter are wool socks: warm, comfortable and very pleasant to the touch, the most special being those with Christmas prints.