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Cropped Flare Jeans for women

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Cropped Flare Jeans for women


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Denim has been in Desigual’s DNA since the start of our journey. That's why, season after season, we include lots of jeans options in our collections. And we know that a pair of jeans is an essential item in everyone’s wardrobe. We wear them practically every day of the year and in all seasons.

In all our stores and also online, we offer you a wide variety of models with shapes, tones and finishes to suit all tastes. Today we want to talk to you about the women’s cropped flare jeans.

The ultimate trendy fit

Season after season, a style that has risen in popularity among influencers, celebrities and, of course, consumers are the women’s cropped flare jeans. This cut is characterised by an obviously short and slightly flared bottom. 
Wearing them lends a twist to the silhouette, updates proportions and adds a very contemporary feel. 

Desigual jeans for every look we can imagine

Do you already have a pair of women’s cropped flare jeans in your collection? So we’d like to make a couple of suggestions for you to consider if you’re thinking of buying an extra pair of trousers. 

A really functional option are women’s straight leg jeans. They are suitable for any occasion, as they are versatile and can be adapted to many different looks, from casual to more sophisticated.
In our collection, you can find them in different washes (acid-washed, stone-washed or even virtually untreated). We also offer them in a wide range of colours: in blue (of course), black, khaki, ecru, and more. In addition to these tones, we also produce them in striking shades such as red or pink, which are very fashionable.
When it comes to finishes, our team designs them with almost every detail you can imagine: some models have rhinestones and shine, others have prints and patterns, some have appliqués or embroidery... For more daring types, there are worn accents or even intentional tears. 

As you can see, our women’s straight leg jeans can be worn in so many different ways: with T-shirts, blouses, knitwear... 

At the other extreme of this shape we have women’s skinny jeans. We make them with stretch fabrics and slim fits, which emphasise the silhouette of the wearer. These types of jeans have been in fashion for a long time and it’s no wonder— they are very easy to wear and completely adapt to our lifestyle. Combined with oversized garments on top, they look great: oversized jumpers, XXL hoodies, blouses, camisoles, long-fit T-shirts and more. All these garments are the perfect match for skinny jeans.

Desigual cropped flare jeans, for any time

A good pair of women’s cropped flare jeans (or several in different cuts, for those who can never have enough) is a must-have. For every day, for going to work or to class, for going out... If there is one piece that offers everything, it’s Desigual jeans.