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Another of the most versatile garments in our wardrobe are women's jumpsuits. In our collection you will find a great selection of them for all tastes and events, even starring in your most elegant and sophisticated looks. Jumpsuits have become a great option for events and ceremonies such as a graduation, baptism or day and night parties, replacing the classic dresses or jacket and trouser suits. For these cases, you can choose between the more fitted jumpsuits that define your silhouette (the option most similar to the dress) or more fluid ones with wide legs and a belt to mark your waist and flatter you (the option most similar to the classic suit).

On the other hand, we have the most casual and urban models, led by denim overalls and pinafore dresses, ideal for summer but also a great option for mid-season. The jumpsuit collection has a wide variety of necklines (bateau, straight, V-neck), types of sleeves (long, short, wide and narrow straps) and fabrics and prints. This trend has come to stay. You can find all of our women’s jumpsuits at both our brick-and-mortar stores and online.