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Women's Knitwear

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8 results

Women's Knitwear

8 results

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You've probably heard it said, or you may even believe it yourself, that elegance is at odds with comfort. If you believe it, you’ve probably overlooked women’s knitwear. Now that we’ve refreshed your memory, you’re sure to agree that women’s knitwear is a great option when you want both worlds to coexist. And we're not just talking about elegance and comfort, we're also talking about fashion, as season after season knitwear conquers both the runway and the street. In all Desigual collections, you can find women’s knitwear, with women’s jumpers and women’s dresses being he two garments that feature in the majority of looks.

Knit dresses should already have been in your wardrobe for several seasons, but if not, don’t fret— they’ll soon have a place in their own right. Although two-piece outfits consisting of women’s skirts or women’s trousers and women’s tops are also a great choice, few items are as versatile and flattering as the women’s knit dress. Its greatest strength? They become blank canvases for you to create as many looks as you can imagine by simply changing women’s accessories, and various types of women’s footwear. There will be times when you shouldn’t fight against the minimalism of the knit dress, but rather enhance it by adding discreet accessories that don’t overshadow the main women’s garment. And if you want to give the outfit a more contrasting touch, try combining two colours: black and ecru. However, there will be other times when you want to enhance another element of your look, such as your new oversized women's jacket, your printed women’s maxi bag with a chain handle made of large links, your women’s tall boots or your women’s coat in vibrant colours. In these cases, your knit dress will act as a canvas, as we mentioned before, allowing the other women’s garments to take centre stage. The knit dress is usually elegant, but you can also take it to more casual and urban territory if you combine it with a pair of women's trainers, and even wear it as one of your office looks. 

The other highlight of women’s knitwear is the knit jumper. It's almost a requirement to have one or more knit jumpers in your wardrobe. And they will become your all-rounders for the whole season since they can be paired with everything. As they are so versatile, you can combine knit cardigans with women’s jeans and be perfect to meet your friends, but you can also combine them with your women’s faux leather skirt and your women’s ankle boots and go to an evening cocktail party, passing the dress code of the event with flying colours.