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Women's Leggings

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Women's Leggings


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Need an extra dose of comfort? Find it in women's patterned leggings. Initially, they were exclusively associated with the world of sports, but they've managed to carve out a place for themselves within streetwear trends, taking center stage in a multitude of looks.

Today, we can confidently say that patterned leggings have become a wardrobe essential, a must-have for every woman seeking comfort in her day-to-day life.

The women's leggings in our collection are slim-fit, high-waisted and wide – allowing them to snugly fit your silhouette. They feature a push-up effect (is there anything more flattering than this effect?) and elastic fabrics that offer comfort both at the gym and on the street.

The Desigual collection of patterned leggings is composed of vibrant and bold models, including animal prints, not to mention classic designs in colours like black, white, and grey, as well as more sophisticated options with lace and/or embroidery. All of these are available both in our physical stores and online.

Desigual's versatile athleisure collection stands out due to prints designed by Mr. Christian Lacroix, featuring strategically positioned prints and panels with transparencies and grids, elevating these leggings to a position they rightfully deserve – adding style beyond their suitability for sports.

In the realm of streetwear, women's patterned leggings don't forget about tastes and trends. That's why you can find them in prints inspired by floral metaverses, iridescent tones, and original "blurry" flowers. Whether they're "all-around" prints or contrastingly positioned on the sides.

Graphic propositions are key in Desigual's designs, featuring artistic patterns in subtle monochromes: from geometric to monograms, encompassing more artistic and textured aesthetics.

Comfort in Versatile Fashion

Leggings are key pieces for a versatile wardrobe. Whether for exercising, casual looks, lounging at home, wearing under dresses, or semi-formal outfits – they always share a common denominator: maximum comfort.

This comfort is crafted from their pattern to the comfortable fabrics, including sustainable recycled fibers, as leggings are part of Desigual's women's sustainable clothing collection.

According to the style, according to the occasion:

They pair perfectly with sweatshirts, crop tops, sneakers, and caps, perfect for your workout routines.

· If you're aiming for a comfy style, wear them with a knitted sweater, socks, combat boots, or loafers. Or take them to homewear levels with just a pair of sneakers.

· Wear them under dresses or skirts for a more chic, feminine, and distinctive version. Especially with pleated midi skirts or shirt-style midi dresses.

· Combine them with blouses, blazers, and heels – sandals, pumps, or ankle boots – for a more formal look, which also works with tailored three-quarter coats. Or go for bold monochromatic looks with sweatshirts and heels. Alternatively, if you prefer a working girl style, dress them up with blazers and loafers – a fail-proof basic-chic option.

· The versatile casual style is the most practical for everyday wear, and leggings are essential here, paired with high boots and an oversized sweater. Also with biker jackets and tall boots, achieving a more "moto-mom" or rock-inspired look.

Indeed, patterned or plain women's leggings are an essential wildcard for all seasons and versatile wardrobes seeking the utmost flexibility. As women's sportswear, they're indispensable. Discover them in Desigual stores and our online shop.