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Discover our new collection of autumn coats. They don't just top off a look, they define it.

Winter collection

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18 results

Winter collection

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Desigual has always been characterized by offering proposals full of color and personality, combining functionality, comfort, and versatility.

The Desigual winter collection is no exception, as it presents a wide variety of garments that meet these requirements and are also designed to face the low temperatures of the season. Among the standout pieces of this collection are women's puffer jackets and women's jackets. Both options are ideal for staying warm and protected from the cold without sacrificing style.

At Desigual, all these garments are available in a wide variety of designs and colors, making them a very versatile choice for any occasion. The women's puffer jackets in the Desigual winter collection are known for being very warm and lightweight, thanks to their filling. Additionally, many come with a hood that protects the head and neck from the cold and wind. In our collection, you can find women's puffer jackets with different lengths and designs, from short models to longer and oversize options.

One of the standout features of Desigual's women's puffer jackets is their unique design. Our creative team interprets trends and combines them with our DNA, resulting in something distinct and powerful, which our puffers also reflect.

In the Desigual winter collection, you can find models of quilted jackets with floral prints, geometric motifs, and even abstract patterns, as well as options in solid colors, both bright and essential. All these features make Desigual's women's puffer jackets a perfect choice for those looking for a garment that protects them from the cold while also reflecting their personality.

Another popular option in the Desigual winter collection is women's jackets. Like the puffer jackets, Desigual's women's jackets are designed to keep you warm and protected from the cold, but with a lighter and more versatile style. In our collection, you can find women's jackets in different materials and finishes, from lighter options like cotton or denim to synthetic leather or polyester jackets.

Desigual's women's jackets also stand out for their genuine design. Season after season, we offer them with floral motifs, geometric shapes, abstract prints, and more. We also produce them in neutral and solid colors, so they can be easily matched with anything. Additionally, some of our jackets feature details like belts, pockets, and hoods, making them even more functional and practical. Others incorporate rhinestones, appliqués, patches, and more, making them truly unique.

If you're interested in acquiring a garment from the Desigual winter collection, you can do so through our online store or at one of our physical retail locations. On the Desigual website and in each store, you'll find a wide variety of options in all categories, from jackets to dresses, pants, and t-shirts.

If you prefer to visit a physical store, Desigual has an extensive network of establishments located in major cities around the world.