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Women's Culotte Jeans

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Women's Culotte Jeans


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Nowadays, jeans are true key pieces in our wardrobes. In the Desigual collection, available in stores and online, you have a wide variety of models, with different shapes, finishes and colours. There are practically endless possibilities to compose a look from one of our jeans. They will suit you all year round—spring, summer, autumn or winter—and in fact, for every day.

A retro feel and modern shape in every silhouette

A cut that’s gaining popularity with every season are culotte jeans. Among its particularities are its wide leg (wider than in other fits) and its shortened hems, often above the ankle, leaving them uncovered.

In our catalogue, you can find different women’s culotte jeans options that fit with many different styles. They are available in high, medium and low rise, and in lengths ranging from the usual cropped to longer lengths. A pair of women’s culotte jeans always adds a vintage touch to your looks, giving them an unexpected twist. In terms of colour, in our catalogue we have essential colours like blue (with its multiple shades), black, and ecru, and seasonal tones (reds, pinks, etc.). As for finishes, we can find worn or torn details, embroidery, appliqués, and rhinestones; and all kinds of washes, like acid wash, and stone wash. All of them can be combined to create an infinite number of looks, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

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Desigual jeans for all tastes

To round out your jeans collection, if you already own a pair of women’s culotte jeans, here are some other fits that are sure to meet your expectations. 

For example, if a certain vintage vibe suits you, women’s boyfriend jeans may find a place in your wardrobe. Whoever came up with the exact word for this fit was right on the money. ‘That girl looks like she’s wearing her boyfriend’s jeans’, they must have thought. And yes, this cut is typical of men’s models, but it works perfectly when applied to women’s looks. Some sources (although it may also be a legend), link its origin to an iconic outfit worn by Marilyn Monroe in one of her films. Either way, the cut of these jeans lends a masculine air to any outfit, and the contrast with other more feminine garments is a bold one. 

Another option we would encourage you to explore is women’s cropped flare jeans. The flared bottoms and shorter than usual lengths completely change the silhouette and bring it up to date. They are perfect for casual and trendy looks. 

Desigual culotte jeans for any occasion

Whichever fit you go for in the end, the functionality and versatility that jeans allow is not up for discussion. Be clear: Desigual jeans potentially have everything to be a key piece in your wardrobe this season.